Author Rae SchneiderMySilentHalf orginated as a blog on spirituality, sexuality, and life’s struggles. Rae started the blog to give the “silent” part of her life (her sexuality) a medium to speak. Little did she know her story would echo and mirror the hearts of so many.

This is a collection of those confessions and Rae’s journey to accepting herself.

Rae currently resides on Long Island, New York. She grew up in a small, country town outside of Chicago, Illinois.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I really love your blog and I am sure that with every confession your helping someone out there know they are not alone and it does get better!!! Sharing your stories is given others light. Not sure anyone has said this yet but thank you for taken the time to keep your post regular and interesting!!
    Cheryl aka @funtimechez 🙂

  2. Every line of every confession speaks from the heart. Its not just some fairytail we read when we were kids it`s reality and that make`s it so pure and beautiful, Every confession has a part that I can relate too, even though coming out wasn`t a big deal for me cause i just don`t care what people think about me still it was very powerful to read your confession about coming out, Im sure it touched alot of hearts and many can relate to your confessions. I find myself babbeling now.. so I`m gonna stop talking and enjoy your writing. Thank you for writing them so amazingly.
    Angelina. aka @BlowMe1LastKiss

  3. Thank you for voicing your silent half and remind us that God does love us and made us the way we are and that the Church needs to start accepting us and loving us! Please feel free to contact me!

  4. wow. the book was incredible. and changed some of my views as a whole. also relating to this story in my personal life was huge and my struggles although not the same were dealt with in the same manor through my younger years. i would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read and inspiring true story of hardship, struggles, and though at sometimes hard prospering through all.

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